S T R A I G H T   W H I T E   T E E T H 

The bright eyed and enigmatic, indie-pop artist Patrick McGuire is born again. After five years as the lead singer for the popular Denver based band Flashbulb Fires the guys decided to part ways and Patrick has begun a new project, Straight White Teeth. In April of 2015 he enlisted the help of his girlfriend Ella Trujillo and got to work writing songs and recording.

Trujillo who hadn’t picked up a drumstick in over ten years, agreed to join under the condition that she could have full creative control over the visual elements of the band. 6 months later, Straight White Teeth is slated to release its debut
EP Medicine Sword, tour the US and make its new home on the East Coast in December.

Straight White Teeth’s upcoming release Medicine Sword employs dance beats, folk guitar and lush soundscapes to create music that is joyful yet pensive. Serious topics such as identity, idealism, disillusionment and death are packaged in seemingly carefree indie-pop music.

In 2015, Straight White Teeth released two EP’s of otherwise unreleased singles by McGuire, written over the past decade. Many of these songs were written in his bedroom as a side project while in Flashbulb Fires. Medicine Sword will be Straight White Teeth’s first release of entirely new music and will be available in October of 2015.

Medicine Sword will be accompanied by an illustrated zine by Straight White Teeth drummer and McGuire’s girlfriend, Ella Trujillo. The zine, also called Medicine Sword, was inspired by Mcguire’s music and lyrics and will thematically fit with the EP. Trujillo began playing drums for McGuire in the spring of 2015. “I’m much less interested in someone who’s been playing for fifteen years and much more interested in the energy of things,” says McGuire. Trujillo is typically a visual artist and her art, illustration and videos have accompanied all of McGuire’s musical releases of the year so far.

Straight White Teeth is looking forward to their future on the East Coast this upcoming fall, with a tour for the EP release in November as well as a permanent relocation there. In early 2015, Straight White Teeth signed a management deal with Inkwell Entertainment based in New York City.













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