I realized a few days ago that I haven’t written since my post about losing all my art- even with the hours spent driving, finding time to do anything is still difficult.

The good news is: as devastating a loss it was, I’m ok! And still motivated to make art. One of the hardest parts of losing all that work was knowing only a handful of people ever saw it. I had enough for 3 solo shows but I never felt motivated to try and show it anywhere in Denver. So, the experience has at least taught me that it IS actually important to me to try and share my work rather than just wait for something to happen with it.

And then the story about Saint-Louis-Mageddon; it was a rough couple of days but we’ve had an amazing time since.

Our Daytrotter session went off without a hitch. The drive up to Iowa and then down to Nashville the next day (9 hour drive in one shot) was totally worth it. And everyone in the south has been so incredibly kind.

Honestly, that’s been the most satisfying part of touring. The people.