The first show of our tour is over. Last night we played at The 806 in Amarillo and had a blast, regardless of not being able to get the sound to work.

We’ve heard rumor of a ghost operating the sound there which could explain why the sound went completely OFF in the middle of one our songs and why Patrick’s computer shut off in the middle of another. That’s on top of not being able to get the audio to sound remotely professional or to get our metronome working with our track.

I’m not going into super technical details but man- it was a disaster.

But, and here’s the beautiful thing– the 20+ people at the venue were still so receptive and open to hearing us play. For as bad as everything went on our end, these kids were incredibly open and happy to listen to us.

So thanks, guys! We’re so grateful!

As for our personal lives- day 1 of our tour to our future residence on the east coast went pretty well. We packed the car decently enough and high-tailed it to Amarillo to get to the venue in time. The departure was heartbreaking, but we were stoked to hear our song “Medicine Sword” on the radio (thank you, Alisha Sweeney!) as we were leaving city limits.

I get the feeling that you’re waiting
To come with me
I’m not afraid of the distance or the wild
It’s not a secret that we’ve felt this for some time
I get the feeling that we’re falling
So come with me

(Hear the song here.)

We made a stop in Pueblo to say goodbye to some of my family and now we’re in Texas where everyone is exceedingly friendly.

Now, on to OK!