About Ella Trujillo

Drummer/keyboardist for Straight White Teeth. I go by Ella but its actually short for Gabriella. I spent a lot of my childhood on a haunted flower farm in Southern Colorado. In 2012 I graduated from the University of Colorado with a Bachelors of Fine Arts. Besides design, I’m extremely interested in farming & gardening, sustainability, used bookstores, collecting soul records, getting lost in the woods and owning too many bikes.
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The people.

I read an interview somewhere with RJD2 and he said something like, “it takes as much courage to play in front of 5 people and […]

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A light update

I realized a few days ago that I haven’t written since my post about losing all my art- even with the hours spent driving, finding […]

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On losing almost everything.

If you’re personally close with me, you’ve known the amount of material things I’ve given away or trashed to prepare for this tour and move. […]

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Day 5 on the road.

Tonight we’re playing Kansas City. It’s the first stop on the tour where we’ll be spending a lot of […]

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The first show of our tour is over. Last night we played at The 806 in Amarillo and had a blast, regardless of not being […]

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Why Philly?

This article from Stereogum actually summarizes it pretty well.
“I can usually tell when something’s happening, more than not, by the increase of phone calls I […]