Day 5 on the road.

Tonight we’re playing Kansas City. It’s the first stop on the tour where we’ll be spending a lot of time with friends as opposed to strangers and near-strangers. An old friend of Patrick’s is DJing, our friends at The Record Machine put together the show and we’re staying with our friend Elliott instead of couchsurfing.

I keep telling Patrick how much tour reminds me of the time spent traveling in Europe. Not having a “place”, meeting tons of new people, not showering consistently, and being exhausted all the time. The difference is of course playing music. Oh and the location- obviously Italy and Kansas have some differences.

It’s sort of an out-of-body experience. I was telling a friend at our going away party the night before we left that it was impossible to just live in the present- that I couldn’t stop thinking about both everything I had to do and everything I was excited about doing. While the goodbye party was extremely emotional and difficult- it felt like I was watching it all through a TV screen. Familiar and loved characters walked on and off the screen and I could only respond emotionally- it didn’t feel like I was truly present. As much as I tried to be. I am incredibly grateful we spent a significant amount of October spending time with friends and family before emotions were so intense and my to-do list was so long.

And now being on the road feels like a dream- and not necessarily a lovely dream. Sharing this adventure with Patrick is truly gift but of course it’s not always roses. It’s been incredibly rewarding and fun at times while stressful and nerve racking as well.

Last night we arranged to stay with someone via We did this on the 3 other stops of our tour and loved the guys we stayed with- unfortunately the nature of tour is that you don’t really get much time with some of the amazing people you meet (this is also similar to my time traveling in Europe). However- last night we walk into this guy’s apartment and it is actually filthier than the truck stop bathroom I was just using hours before. The truck stop toilet didn’t have dried urine on the actual toilet seat.

We stopped by the guy’s place before the show to say hi and shower. The guy was actually pretty disinterested in who we were or what we were doing unlike everyone else we stayed with. We left pretty quickly after showering (it was as gross as you can imagine), played the show and decided to get a hotel. We’re trying to be as frugal as possible on this trip but sometimes your intuition speaks louder than your wallet.