#2 in the Physical Truth Series

We clicked
There’s not much to say
A blending of lights
With each passing day

A cult
A coming of age
We sharpened our knives
Accepted our fate

Let me know if I’m coming too close
I know that love has a tendency to choke
Now that good has found us here let’s wait
Honey let’s wait

A gun
Firing off a blank
We sipped on the tides
The months felt like days

Now the night
Washes its face
With the dreaming of men
And sits on the bed

And thinks it’s been a while
Since I’ve seen my daughter smile
I should go and see what’s going on

Cuts up the rug
At the party till dawn
And falls asleep on the lawn

Now there’s blood
Spelling out our names
Down in a book
At the cemetery gates
We can’t run from the hand of time
So honey let’s wait