A while ago, I mentioned to a friend that I wanted performing and writing music for Straight White Teeth to feel new and for lack of a better term: unsafe. Well, after the first four shows of the tour, I think I can happily announce I’ve gotten what I wished for. The sound situation at these venues has been really challenging so far, mostly because of our complicated setup. Despite all the hiccups though, it seems like every night people tell us that they love what we’re doing, and that’s completely encouraging. After months of seemingly endless tweaking, plotting and adjusting, I think we finally solidified our live set as a duo. The timing couldn’t be better because tonight we play Kansas City, home of The Record Machine, an awesome label that’s been promoting the show and spreading the word about our music. They’ve also been playing us on the radio here which is neat-o.

The Denver Post reviewed Medicine Sword and called it “startlingly intimate”, and that was pretty nice to hear. Our song “Hot Blood Shaking in a Cage” was added to a few decent-sized blogs and playlists including BIRP!, and we’re now in the midst of sending out CD’s and zines to college radio stations, so hopefully that will help us gain a little more traction. No matter what happens, it feels right to be out here playing new music and meeting kind people. Talk soon