A few nights ago we played to a super kind, receptive and engaged audience. The Bazaar in Roanoke, VA has cultivated a warm, cozy environment for musicians, and we were blown away by how warmly we were received. Coif opened the show, and their debut performance was really impressive. Washed out vocals weaving in and out of catchy guitar lines backed by well-constructed and never too forceful drums. Those guys were incredibly kind to us and we won’t forget them. I felt so comfortable with the audience that I ended our set with an unfinished song about a tragedy my friend experienced. “You’re a room full of very kind strangers, so I feel comfortable sharing this song with you”, I told the crowd. Ella and I feel recharged and energized after last night’s show.

Daytrotter went better than I could’ve hoped, honestly. Ella played so confidently despite her lack of experience. Mike, the sound engineer, was such a kind and supportive person. He made us feel comfortable and it was a great experience.

As we enter the final week of our first tour I feel tired, wise and a sweet sense of melancholy. Ella and I are about to begin our new life on the east coast, and I am so anxious to write and record more music. I have so much to write about. Touring as an unknown band is honestly so thankless and uncomfortable, but I’ll miss it. There’s nothing else in the world like playing music to a bunch of strangers, trying to win over the crowd night after night. It’s us against the world out here. Here’s something you should do: Say something nice any time you have the opportunity to. In Asheville, NC an elderly man (he was 1/10th of the crowd) told me, “Great songs. I enjoyed every bit of your set”, and that meant a lot to Ella and I. Don’t hold back kindness. People have really loved and taken care of Ella and I on this tour and I feel incredibly grateful for that. Special thanks to Coby, our superfan. He drove from Denver to Kansas City and St. Louis just to see us, and he was totally supportive and understanding when we canceled our show in St. Louis. Thank you, Coby!